Kris Kendrick for Justice of the Peace for District 9.

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Justice Kris Kendrick has been active on the Quorum Court working for increased transparency. Now all county spending and all bids and bid results are displayed on the county website. He proposed a resolution to display on the county website all Boards and Commissions that are appointed by any part of county government along with the requirements for and length of term of each position.

The Arkansas Center for Economic Research now rates Faulkner County as the sixth most transparent county in Arkansas.
He has initiated a test program to address the animal control issue in Faulkner County. He sponsored an ordinance to create a spay and neuter program that has proven to be very effective.

His efforts to support public safety include: voted for the needed jail upgrade; voted for hiring 6 new patrol deputies under the COPS grant; voted for the purchase of plans for a new jail to replace unit #1.

Please reelect JUSTICE KRIS KENDRICK for Justice of the Peace for District 9.

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